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Nantes, November 25, 2020

It’s been 10 years now that I travel all around France, and sometimes Europe, to fulfil my obsession. 
In these moments where we all vibes together, our hearts, our bodies, our souls. 
In these instants of unity, despite our differences, we are all free to be, together and equals. 

Moved to tears sometimes, a few things provoke me such a strong emotion. 
So much that living these moments and archiving their memories has become a priesthood for me, an absolute necessity, a profession, a life. 

In a society where the control over our lives and our freedoms has become a real and concrete subject of concern, or the rejection of the other, leads to verbal, written or even, sometimes, physical violences on a daily basis, in a world where the reduction of human contacts has become a norm, I admit that I had the desire to dive into my memories and let their essence wash over me. These memories are mine, yours, ours, they’re a link between us. 

I would have never thought of looking at my pictures, at my work, the way I do today. 
To the importance of curiosity, travels, meeting people, smiles, sharing, to this collective energy, and to freedom. 

In order to remember these instants, I offer you a hundred photos taken over these last 10 years: 

Laurent Garnier, Rex Club, Astropolis, Time Warp, Warehouse, Panoramas Festival, Dream Nation festival, Techno Parade, but also Manu Le Malin, Arnaud Rebotini, Rone, Saint Germain, Amelie Lens, Pfel & Grimm, Electric Rescue, Louisahhh, Dj Deep, and many more all united, and for the first time available in print. And made in France. 

I obviously have a special thought for all this industry, which is mine, and for all my coworkers and friends, some remarkable and committed human beings, sometimes they’re a driving force. All these people; technicians, managers, bartenders, receptionists, security agents, concerts hall’s owners, clubs and festivals’ owners, organizers, artists, and to everybody invested in the creation of these events, which are being missed a lot today, and I do realize the economic and human consequences, and it’s a disaster.

I can see, sadly and unfortunately, how this situation has an impact over every levels of society, sectors, professions, social classes, with a few exceptions though, but hurting with despair and violence the most fragiles. 

So, it’s in this reflection that 20% of profits will be donated to the Restaurants du Coeur (a French charity), between December 4th, 2020 and the 31st of January, 2021, in order to support all their actions (food supply, cultural and sports). Because they have always been there for the most fragiles, they’ve helped my family when I was a child, because damn « what will Coluche say? », because one of two people who’s getting helped is under 25 years old, and that is just… unbelievably terrifying. 

(If you want to know more about this association : wikipedia)

So, to those who remember… To those who want to remember… 
Peace, Love, Unity, Respect, Solidarity! 

A huge thanks to all the artists, to all the clubs and festivals who accepted to join this initiative and to all the ones who have been supportive to me. 

And, finally, and naturally, my last words are for the ones who’ve lost their loved ones, and to those who are at the forefront, and they are many. 

I look forward to see you all again. 
Take care. 

David Boschet.